Redline Addiction

New Album “A to B” Finally Out!

Hey Addicts!

We finally finished up our album “A to B” and it can be found everywhere on the net.  Pick up a copy today and drop us a line and let us know how much like it :).  Don’t forget to review it.!

Or you can pick up a physical copy here:

Also, this year we are playing Shamrockfest 2013, and have a show in February at Ram’s Head Live! as well as many other shows. We’ll post more details soon, but we just wanted to say hello and Happy New Year!


We are now officially on the bill for ShamrockFest 2012! Click the poster to the left to go to the shamrock fest home page! We are super excited, and look forward to having a great time with all the bands and all our fans.

Check out our upcoming shows, or go to our Facebook page to see what we are up to and how our new album is coming along. Drop us a line about anything and share our music with the world. See ya soon!

Back from Norfolk

Hey we are back from norfolk and are back in the studio working on a new song thats uber epic and an 80’s rock inspired song, just trying to get a little diversity on the album. Check out our bud felix (our keys player) trying to teach us a background vocal idea for one of the songs. poor guy :)

We just tracked drums to ordinary fool for the album!

We’re very excited. we just starting tracking ordinary fool’s drum tracks. Its one of our biggest departures as a band, but we love the song, and it has a deep backstory. check out this live version:

demo work, ugh… and yet!

So… we are preproducing the whole album, but its going well. basically it means that we are focused on each and every bass note, drum fill, and vocal line. we record a basic version of our songs and then pick them apart to make sure the finer details serve the song. Its a long process, but it makes the songs better. Sometimes it’s hard for us to hear every detail of our playing as we do it, and with these methodic methods, we can focus on a really detailed communication of music. we like to get overly detailed, examine it, and then just say fuck it and play what feels right. But that procedure seems to produce the best results. A lot of overexamination, followed by sheer music spontaneity. Its sounding good, but man sometimes it requires our soul.

in the meantime, check out our version of crazy train at our local hangout (when we arent in the studio). thats a damn fun song to play.

Finally Back on track and in the studio

whew, knock us down and we get back up again (much like chumbawumba and yet not at all). We returned to the studio last saturday to continue the tracking for our next album, and we are excited. There are definitely some more upbeats songs than in the past, and that probably stems from us playing so many crowd filled shows recently. There’s just something about geting a crowd jumping up and down. When we are up there on stage and you join us in our brief celebration, well, theres nothing better. We also have a few burners and rockers, and a few unexpected twists. This will probably be our most diverse album ever, and we wouldnt have it any other way. While you are waiting make sure to check out our album “letters” which has been getting good reviews everywhere. Seriously, we would brag by including quotes but that would be tacky. :)