Redline Addiction

Finally Back on track and in the studio

whew, knock us down and we get back up again (much like chumbawumba and yet not at all). We returned to the studio last saturday to continue the tracking for our next album, and we are excited. There are definitely some more upbeats songs than in the past, and that probably stems from us playing so many crowd filled shows recently. There’s just something about geting a crowd jumping up and down. When we are up there on stage and you join us in our brief celebration, well, theres nothing better. We also have a few burners and rockers, and a few unexpected twists. This will probably be our most diverse album ever, and we wouldnt have it any other way. While you are waiting make sure to check out our album “letters” which has been getting good reviews everywhere. Seriously, we would brag by including quotes but that would be tacky. :)

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